Questions of a freshman applicant


<p>I hope someone can help me answer these questions. </p>

<p>May I know if Cornell accepts external recommendations? I would like to ask my research mentor and one of my seniors who is a Cornell graduate (who knows me well) to write me an external recommendation. </p>

<p>Also, does Cornell have an online portal that allows applicants to submit additional supplement materials? </p>

<p>Finally, I want to major in Computer Science, but it seems that Computer Science is both under college in arts and science and college of engineering, and it seems that there is no difference between the two programs (I checked out both pages and both directed me to the CS department homepage). So I was wondering, which one should I choose?</p>

<p>my college did, it probably depends on the school though.</p>

<p>not that i know of, i think it has to be done through the mail.</p>

<p>there is a difference, but it is mostly in the courses you will take in the college but outside your major. also read mission statements at each college.</p>


<p>Thanks for replying!</p>

<p>Regarding external recommendations, do you mean that we send the external recommendation to the specific colleges and not to the school itself?</p>

<p>I didn't send one so I'm not entirely sure. I would recommend either looking on the college's admissions website or calling the college's admissions office. They will be able to answer this in a few seconds.</p>

<p>Yes, Cornell accepts external recommendations. My D sent one. I actually called Admissions and they advised me to mail it to the address for mailed correspondence and non-electronic applications. It is listed in the handbook.</p>

<p>So if you have a really good rec, go ahead and send it in. You never know what would tip the balance.</p>

<p>As far as arts&sciences vs engineering, it's really a question of what you want to take other than cs-on my floor this semester were CS majors in both colleges. Would you rather have foreign language and other liberal arts reqs or more sciencey reqs in engineering.</p>


<p>I think I will apply to Arts & Science as primary college and engineering as alternative college. As an international applicant, one of the things I hear about the famed US education is its liberal arts education, so I think I might be short-changing myself to a certain extent if I don't pursue such an education to some degree. That said, I don't mind sciency requirements either, so I think I will apply to both colleges.</p>