Questions on a few loose-ends of my application...

<p>I would appreciate anyone's input into some confusing parts of the application process. I'm posting on here because I want to make sure I do everything UChicago's way, which is not always the way my guidance office prefers to do things. </p>

<p>For my test scores, how do I get those sent? If I am applying EA, when should I request them to be sent? </p>

<p>I am currently taking a University level class online, and I will not be finished with it by the time I apply to UChi (Nov), how can I make sure they know I am enrolled in that course in addition to my school classes?</p>

<p>You should have the college board or ACT send official test scores to UChicago. You should have this done right away so that you don't have to pay extra to rush your test scores.</p>

<p>My S was taking a distance college course when he applied. He simply put it in the supplementary info extra pages as part of the on-line application.</p>