Questions on Georgetown and McDonough

<p>Hi I had a few questions regarding the business school.
1. To those who are currently attending, how is the program?
2. How are the strengths of recruits and from around where?
3. Anything unique about it that seperates it from other business schools such as a trading system?
4. As a finance major, which would you reccomend:Georgetown or McDonough?
5.Is it true, they don't accept Spring transfers...and only accept Fall transfers?
6.What exactly is the difference between Georgetown and McDonough?

<p>I don't know a whole lot about the MSB, but just to clarify on points 4 and 6 right off the bat: McDonough is the business school at Georgetown. Finance, along with other business-related majors is not something that is offered in the other schools and colleges at Georgetown. When you apply to Georgetown, you apply, and, if the admissions committee is so inclined, receive an acceptance, to a specific school (Foreign Service, Nursing and Health Sciences, the College, or McDonough School of Business). ymmv</p>