Questions on Housing and Sherman Hall?


So I’m a current freshman, I’m planning to stay in UIUC housing for sophomore year, particularly Sherman Hall. Sign-up for those looking to return to UIUC housing goes live on October 10th for undergraduate halls, but for Sherman Hall, the sign up opens 2 weeks later on October 24th. Right now, I’m planning on signing up for a hall, either Nugent or Wassaja at Ike, on the October 10th signup just to make sure I have a room for next year and then changing my residential hall to Sherman on the 24th, but I had a couple questions about signing the housing contracts and selecting the residential hall for next year:

-To switch your residential hall after finalizing your contract, do you need to cancel your residential contract in order to switch?

-If you do, and you cancel it within the 30-day grace period, how do they reimburse your $150 advance?

-I’m looking to get a double in Sherman, but I noticed there’s an extremely low number of doubles in the halls. Does anyone know if these doubles fill up pretty quickly?

-Does Sherman really provide their own microwaves and minifridges? And if so, are they pretty functional?

If anyone has any knowledge on any of these, it would help me greatly.