Questions on Stern

<p>Does it help my application out a bit if I, already are a high school student, have gotten an intership at Ernst & Young? I got the internship when I was in 10th grade, and I have a AMAZING letter of recommendation from the partner that I worked with. I also own and run three business, one is a real estate company with my father, the other is a web-services company, the other in a bookkeeping service with my mother. </p>

<p>My best recommendation comes from my Math teacher who is an NYU alumni (if it makes a difference).</p>

<p>My SATs aren't great (1260), Math 2C (800), Writing (750), and taking chemistry soon. </p>

<p>My grades WERE bad sophomore and Junior years, my parents were on the verge of divorce, dark dark days... Anyways, things are better now so I'm getting straight A+'s in: AP Physics, AP Calc, AP stats, AP English, and Psychology.</p>

<p>Although I haven't taken any business courses in school nor do I have many business related ECs, I'm guessing that maybe the internship I did, the letter, and the businesses will seperate me from the rest.</p>

<p>What do you think?</p>

<p>That internship and the three businesses give u some awesome EC's. Colleges are used to getting the usual extracurriculars..but not everyone runs businesses. Theyre all good except for the one you run with your dad...that kind of seems like you just might be taking credit for something that really your dad handles. If you play all your business experience have a good chance. And your SATs arent THAT bad for NYU...i think their average is like a you got a perfect score on IIc, which is good for business, and 750 on the writing. And the fact that you're getting good grades now, taking a lot of AP classes, and getting good recs should give u a good shot at admission. Good luck.</p>

<p>Thanks man.</p>

<p>So you don't think I should put down that business? The way it works is that I look up a building, call the owner, do some calculations on as to whether the building is worth buying, I find out how long it will take to regain the initial investment and how long it will take till we make a significant profit. If I think a building is worth buying, I show it to my dad and does all the calculations himself, to see if I overlooked anything, if it's a go, he buys the building. Then, since he decided to still keep his day job, I have to collect rent, hear complaints from all the tenants, so I become like the super. I more or less just handle the managment.</p>

<p>frankly , i dont think you should put it cause it makes you look like a spoiled brat ..after all you didnt earn the money to buy the building...<br>
another question: what in the world are they expecting for the "what did u do last sunday?" essay ???? I'm thinking about puting a one liner: I was filling out apps , the sunday before too and the sunday before that also ... what do u think?</p>