Questions on the Ross School of Business

<p>Hi I had a few questions regarding the business school.
1.What is the average GPA they let in?
2. To those who are currently attending, how is the program?
3. How are the strengths of recruits and from around where?
4. Anything unique about it that seperates it from other business schools such as a trading system?

<p>1) if you mean applying after freshman year, it's a 3.65</p>

<p>don't know any other answers</p>

<p>2) program is good. A lot of bright, competitive students. A lot of chill students too.
3) that question doesn’t make sense.
4) a trading system? I don’t know what you are referring to exactly. But as far as uniqueness goes, I can’t say much since I haven’t attended other business programs. I'd say that Ross is a pretty decent school though.</p>

<p>Thanks, I am a transfer with a 3.65 cumulative and taking another semester to finish prereqs...
I meant trading system, as in if they have a system like wallstreet in their campus.
Any other inputs would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>What do you mean by trading system? Like eSignal?</p>

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<p>thanks nubswit!!
thats what i was looking for.
def catches my eye now and very interested in the school.
thanks again</p>

<p>you're welcome, glad i could help</p>

<p>Ross is unique bc:
1) we get a well rounded business education. We are all "business majors" there aren't accounting majors or marketing majors etc. That said on our resumes we have our unofficial concentrations of departments we have taken 3-4 courses in and relate to what we are trying to pursue
2) The cohort/section system. i.e. all of our core classes, especially junior and senior year are with the same 70 students
3) our amazing new building!</p>

<p>"UMich Ross does not accept transfer of any business/acc etc. courses from 2 year schools so take that into consideration."</p>

<p>Is this true??
I have already finished financial accounting with an A...and planning to get an A in both Managerial acct and Business Law at a cc</p>

<p>yep, it's true. you're going to have to retake them all if you want credit for them towards your requirements.</p>

<p>what is the acceptance rate?
what kind of extracurrics are they looking for?</p>

<p>^Try out the search function.</p>

I am a transfer with a 3.65 cumulative and taking another semester to finish prereqs...


Ross only admits student in the fall semester so you will have to put in a full year.</p>

<p>Are you a Ross transfer student?</p>

<p>Nooooooooo all good schools only allowing fall acceptance!
thanks though</p>