I just got in a as a pre-nursing and I am really happy. However, I come from a small town with a high school of eighty students. My senior class has twenty students. I don’t know anyone at Kansas. So I have a bunch of questions. How large are the classes? Would I be able to have a relationship with my professors? Is the disability services center at KU any good? Does KU have tutoring services? Can I suceed there if I have ambition and drive?

Freshman at KU 25 in high school class and loving KU.Consider living in a scholarship hall less than 50 in each hall with great study spaces. They know how to study and have fun and costs a lot less than dorms and closer to classes. Tutoring services are available and the accessibility office is awesome. you will have very large biology class and chem class like over 100. But other classes only have 15-20. if you go see your prof or TA during office hours they will help you, they will take an interest in students that goes to class and gets the work done. If you have ambition and drive your profs will love you and help you find opportunities. even though a large university you will have a small group of people in your major that will be in a lot of your classes. They have tons of events to help freshman meet people and get used to the place. And scholarship hall people tend to stay in same hall 4 years so another small group to be a part of if you stay in schol hall

How is the town of Lawrence? Is it boring or fun for students? Heard of some crime there this past week. Following local news on twitter. Any safety issues for students in the city of Lawrence? OOS daughter is considering KU as a top choice. We live in a large metro area, but crime is very low.

I was in Lawrence and I am coming from OOS! The best way to describe Lawrence is like small town Austin, Texas in the Midwest. It’s a cute little town with shops and restaurants (go see Mass St.). It’s very much a college town with a bunch of KU spirit. I talked to students about safety and one girl said she felt completely safe. In fact, said that KU this taxi system specifically for if a girl or boy is alone at night. The student calls a number and the student driver will drive you to your dorm for free. They also have call lights (they respond in a minute) and campus police. If something happened in Lawrence, I am sure KU is going the extra mile to protect the students. If you have any questions, message me; I was there and I have a general feel of campus.