Questions regarding a curious form of workstudy

<p>My school, Grinnell College, offered me "workstudy" this year. The letter told me to go to the financial aid office to get a job placement. I went there, only to be told that I had to find a job myself and pay off the account balance by the end of the semester. I didn't even get federal workstudy and my EFC is near zero.</p>

<p>I have several questions regarding this: How common is this?</p>

<p>Can I write down the income I earned as workstudy for tax purposes?</p>

<p>What the hell is wrong with Grinnell?</p>

<p>I cant comment on whether Grinnell is typical
I assume workstudy was part of your aid package.
Workstudy income, is claimed as income for federal and state taxes, however when you do the FAFSA it is deducted from your income for aid purposes</p>