Questions regarding CEUs credit in transfer application


I have some questions regarding my CEUs unit (obtained from Language Program) from cal states. I came to the U.S. in Fall 2018. During the first year, I went to Cal State Northridge and took the Intensive English Program (IEP). The program is NOT transferrable and is using a different unit system (CEUs). In my last semester in this program, I took one regular class and then transfer to CC. Now, I am applying for UC transfer, and they want me to list all colleges I have attend. What do I do with those language program unit?

  • Do I have to list them all in the UC application under "College course" section? or can I just mention them in the "additional information" on last page?
  • Should I report the Cal State? P.S. if I report the school on my application, the system will require me to input all classes
  • The language program is using Continue Education Unit (CEUs) system. I cannot input 0 unit in the "College course" page. However, they are NOT convertible. What should I do?


Continuing Education Units are not reported. Look at your transcript from Cal State Northridge. If there are several options, there should be one that is just the academic credits for the one credit class that you took. That is what will show in your formal transcript from Northridge.

Thank you happymomofl. Yes, I have my credit class listed on a separate transcript. I will fix my application and thanks for all your help.