Questions regarding Engineering at Delaware?

I will be applying to U of D come the fall and am looking to major in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I had a couple of questions I was hoping could be answered

  • My SAT score is a 2120, Math: 680, Cr: 710, Writing: 730 - Is my math score high enough for the engineering school?
  • Also, am I competing with students who are looking to major in ChemE when I apply to the engineering school to do EE?

IMHO your SAT scores would put you in a very competitive position for admission to the major you are going to apply to. I don’t feel you would be in competition with individuals who are applying to ChemE. In fact, if you are interested, you might want to consider applying to admission to the Honors Program with the scores you have. Good luck.

@Mwallenmd Okay thanks for the response! :slight_smile: