Questions regarding out of state

<p>hey guys, i have a question that's been bugging me alot. Currently i attend an average high school in New York and as my junior year is coming to a close, i realized that i should be focusing more on where i would like to attend college and I am very interested in Texas A&M, along with Purdue Univ. While looking through the factors they consider for admissions i noticed that under A&M the geographical location and state residence is under important, of course i knew that being out of state has its ups and downs in admissions but this worried me quite considerably because i noticed that other collleges dont have that under the important factor during the process of admissions. So my question is because A&M considers this important, should i look at this in a positive or negative point of view, and if negative what are some ways that i can increase my chances besides gpa and test scores?</p>

<p>It's a state university so it gives preference to in-state students. Nonetheless, if you have the stats to be a competitive applicant at Texas A&M, then you should be fine. Call the school and ask to speak with a guidance counselor and ask them your question - you'll get a definite answer that way.</p>

<p>Being Full Pay from OOS will balance many things out.</p>