<p>I was just wondering what the best dorm to live in as a freshman girl. Also, for anyone who goes to Butler, do you like it?
what do you like about it? what do you hate about it?
how is the girl to boy ratio effect the campus?</p>

<p>Hi! I'm a sophomore at Butler. :)</p>

<p>The dorms on campus are Residential College (Commonly referred to as ResCo), Ross, and Schwitzer. Residential College is a primarily sophomore dorm. Some freshmen will live in, usually because of allergy problems and need air conditioning (the freshmen dorms do not have AC), or if they are disabled. Schwitzer does have an utility elevator, but Ross does now. Schwitzer and Ross are the freshmen dorms on campus. Ross is Co-ed, except that the floors are not co-ed. There are 3 male floors, and one female floor. Schwitzer is an all women dorm. The only difference between the rooms are the floor plans and bathrooms. Schwitzer has a little less floor space, but instead has huge walk in closets. You can even fit the dresser that you are provided into your closet and still be able to walk inside of it. Ross does not have walk in closets, but instead has a bit more floor space. Technically the square footage is the same, it's just whether or not you prefer floor space or larger closets. Schwitzer is closer to most things on campus, including the academic quad, starbucks, and the union, and it also smells a lot better than Ross. It's all up to your preference. :)</p>

<p>I love Butler! I won't lie, I had a really rough first semester due to roommate issues. My advice is to trust Butler's system and go random. Don't do the little survey things that you'll see other students use to try and find someone - often times they'll lie about themselves, and you need to be 100% honest. After I got a new roommate, I was finally able to fall completely in love with Butler. I love all of the students, the atmosphere, my professors, the size of my classes, EVERYTHING! It's the perfect size, and there's nothing that I would change. There isn't much that I dislike about Butler. When I was a freshmen I often would wish that there were more dining hall options (there's only 3, and one isn't open for dinner), but otherwise, I really can't find anything that I don't like!</p>

<p>The male to female ratio is 40:60. Not one of the best features on campus for the girls haha. However, it's hardly noticeable. I don't walk around campus and feel like I'm swimming in a sea of girls. There are plenty of boys on campus! However, there are some majors that have more men than others. That's the only time that I notice the ratio, but that's more of a preference to major than the ratio if anything, but I'm involved on campus and know many men through clubs and activities. You'll meet guys, I promise! :)</p>

<p>thank you so much for all of the info! i know that all of the acceptances come out on the same day, but do they ever put the status up online before that? Butler is my first choice and if they don't put it up earlier i will stop torturing myself by checking everyday. thanks!</p>

<p>I'm not sure! When I applied there was no online status or anything - they just mailed us a letter saying that everything was in and accounted for and to wait for the acceptance on mid-December. (Keep in mind I'm a sophomore, so things may be different now). I remember the letter saying that they were mailing out decisions on December 17th, and my letter came in the mail on the 19th, which is how long it usually takes for mail to get from my home from Indy. Quite honestly, it might be better if there isn't a way to check your status - I did for a school that I applied for and checked the status by the hour (if not more!) and it just made me way more stressed than I needed to be. It won't be too long until the decision comes in your mailbox, I promise! :)</p>

<p>okay thank you so much! i will try not to keep checking, but i cant help it. haha(:
if you dont mind me asking, what was your GPA and SAT scores?
only three students from my school have applied to Butler in the last four years so i dont really know the realistic scores getting accepted.</p>

<p>If I remember right, my GPA was a 3.3 UW, 3.8 W, and my SAT was a 1770 I think? So long ago! And I think I got a 28 on my ACT. My GPA was lower, but I participated a lot in extracurriculars and was very involved, and my essay, not to brag, was spectacular haha. We had the option to turn in a paper that we wrote in high school (Had to be from 2nd semester junior year or later) and I turned in a research paper from my Junior year. Don't focus only on your grades - Butler cares about much more than that!</p>

<p>oh okayy. i have a 3.46 GPA and my SAT scores are 1310 reading and math or 1940 for all three. i have alot of leadership and extracurriculars. and my GPA started out lower and has been increasing every year. my essay was pretty good; it is about one of my special olympics athletes and how working with her helped me to see that I wanted to be involved in a medical career. do you think that my stats are good enough to be accepted?</p>

<p>Definitely! I don't think you have anything to worry about. :)</p>

<p>No problem getting in</p>

<p>thanks(: i am just worried because I applied to the pre PA program. :/ only two more weeks i guess..</p>

<p>i checked my status today, and it has changed from complete to nothing. is that a bad sign? what did yours look like when it changed?</p>

<p>They didn't have our statuses online when I went through the application process. It was old school - apply and wait for a decision in the mail. I wish I could be more help! :(</p>