Questions !!!!

<p>I mailed all the docs together today so i wanted to inquire a few things</p>

<p>although my teacher's reccs and counselor's recs and everything that is prepared by my school was sealed by my counselor but i was the one who posted it ... is it okay ??</p>

<p>My school was not able to give a school profile but my principal has added a letter supplementing it .. will it do ?? and can i send my school profile with mid year report ??</p>

<p>on one of the blogs it said that applicant's documents should be received by the admissions office postmarked by the deadline while teacher's recs etc. can be posted after 1st Jan . what were the documents that were to be sent by me ??</p>

<p>my teachers told me that the recs were a bit longer than i expected, is there any limit on recs ?? i mean if it well enough explains everything will it still hurt my app sending long recs ??</p>

<p>one of the letters from the counselor was not typed on school letterhead but was signed by him ... will it still be rejected ?? </p>

<p>Thanks for you help !!!!</p>