<p>Alright heres the thing. I'm applying early to caltech because its basically 'the one'. anyways i've been studying in pakistan for most of my life, and over here we follow the o/a level education system. now the thing is my o/a level scores are high-ish, but my school grades, while being straight a's, arent all that high. It mainly because our school is insanely competitive, and the exams we get reflect that. Additionally, more often than not, the questions which appear in our school exams are pretty non-standard, ie quite a few college level stuff has been known to pop up, testing theories we never actually learnt in class. Now the o/a levels are pretty standardized, and the syllabus, the stuff we're supposed to be covering, is based ON the o/a level syllabus, since the point of giving all the school exams was to train us for hte o/a level exams. So my question is, what counts more, the o/a level exams or your school grades?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance</p>

<p>Both count but the specifics of your school probably will not be so well known to the admissions committee, so as long as your grades are A's, we will decide based on your essays, recommendations, etc. So don't fret too much about a few points here and there in the A range.</p>