<p>Can someone please answer some questions for me? Thanks in advance. =)</p>

<p>Is English or science more competitive at Princeton? How are you affected if you fill out the Statement of Interest for BSE?
Is it obnoxious to send a resumee?
Is it all right to send in the online app for ED on Nov. 1, or will there be problems on the server b/c of too many people?</p>

<p>I asked the last 2 questions when the representative came to our school today</p>

<p>1) it is fine to send a resume/brag sheet, only if it contains information that is not already on the application. everything and anything you send they will review
2) yes you can send the online application on November 1st. there shouldnt be too many problems on the server lol. if not send it in on october 31st. the representative said that if there are indeed problems, god forbid, november 1st is more of a suggestion and november 2nd is fine.</p>

<p>I think for this year's freshman class ('08), the number of BSE candidates increased by something like 30% over the previous year. There was definitely a concerted effort to admit more engineers. I assume that trend will continue this year...</p>