Which dorms are the quiet study dorms?
Which are the social ones? Which are nicest?
What are the pros, cons and prices of each?
Are there are honors dorms? If so how do they compare?
Is the internet and cable in the dorms free?
If not, how much is it?
How big are the dorms?
How is coed and single sex dorms arranged?
What comes with the dorms?</p>

What are the requirements?
Is the honors program just for your major or are all your classes honors?
How much more challenging is it? How much more does it impose on your life?
Are there any perks?(discount on concert tickets, etc)</p>

How hard is it to double major?
How are research oppurtunities?</p>

Is it like high school socially?
Is greek big?
If so how does that affect life?
Is the school more libral or studious etc?</p>

Is the campus pretty?
Is it scary at night?</p>

How is financial age and scholarship programs?
Is it hard to get a job or do you recommend it?</p>

<p>How is public transportation?
How easy/hard is it to get access to professors and equipment in the wieght room?</p>

<p>Some Selected Answers:</p>

<p>Party/Social Dorms - Markley/Alice Lloyd
Greek is big, but doesn't control campus. I know plenty of people who haven't gone greek and are having a great time.
Campus is very pretty and not at all scary at night. I feel extremely comfortable walking alone at night.
Public transportation is great. All buses are free for UM students.</p>

<p>Dorms at Michigan are functional. They aren't great, but they don't suck either. Some dorms, like Bursley and South Quad, are HUGE. Others are smaller and more intimate. I would say that dorms at Michigan are decent.</p>

<p>The requirement to be considered for the honors college is a 1400+ SAT / 32+ ACT score. Obviously, a high GPA and excellent class rank are expected. A student with a 1450 on the SAT but a 3.6 unweighed GPA and a 85th percentile class rank will probably not get into the honors program. The honors program is not restricted to your major, but it is not fgor every class you take either. Some classes do not have an honors section. Some classes I took while at Michigan, like "Dinosaurs and Other Failures" and the "Moon and other Rocks" did not have honors sections! LOL But yes, I would say honors classes are more intense. The average student in the honors program had a 1500 on her/his SAT and a straight 4.0 unweighed GPA in high school. So the professors expect a lot from the students and the competition is a little tougher.</p>

<p>Double majoring is possible, but it depends on the subjects. For example, double majoring in Electrical Engineering and Business would be very difficult. But double majoring in Chemistry and English would be manageable. </p>

<p>Michigan is rated #1 for undergraduate research. There are, at any point in time, over 1,000 official research projects availlable to undergrads.</p>

<p>The campus does not have a high school feel whatsoever. Michigan is huge and students are not cliquish. </p>

<p>The Greeks are present and very active, but they do not really impact social life at Michigan.</p>

<p>Michigan's campus is very pleasant and extremely impressive, but it is not gorgeous. It is very safe, but I would never recommend anyone walk alone outside at night...even in the safest place on Earth.</p>

<p>Public transportation is good. The university bus system is free and usually quite punctual. When I was at Michigan back in the mid 90s, the University would provide students free cab riades from the library to their dorms once the busses stopped running (after 1:00 AM). I never owned my own car in college and did fine.</p>

<p>Professor access is usually easy. I have never had to wait long to see a professor. All professors have office hours and they keep them. Plus, you can always try professors outside of office hours. I have never had a professor turn me down.</p>

<p>Weight rooms are availlable in several places on campus, including the North Campus Recreational Building (NCRB) and the Central Campus Recreational Building (CCRB).</p>

<p>If you are female and open to the idea of an all-female dorm, I'd recommend you try for Martha Cook. It's beautiful - and in the best location on campus - right across the street from the president's house and the library. The environment is a little old fashioned in the sense that men are restricted from visiting after certain hours, but if you're in a relationship, you can just go to his place. All of the all-female halls are on Central Campus or the Hill - Barbour, Newberry and Stockwell. Barbour and Newberry are small with only about 120 students or so. I think it's funny that so many girls reject all-female halls - and then they pledge sororities.</p>

<p>Oh. Thanks guys</p>