Quick AP Econ question

<p>Assuming I answer every MC question, what's a good percentage to get right in order to get a 5? This is only for Macroecon if it helps. I just took a practice one in my Kaplan book and got exactly 3/4 (45/60) right, and want to know whether that's good for a 5, or more of a 4 or 3 score?</p>

<p>well when i took my practice ap tests in school,
for micro, a 71 was a 5, and for macro, a 70 was a 5.</p>

<p>MC is worth 60 points (minus the 1/4 blah blah), then the free response is worth 30 points. I would say that to be SURE to get a 5 on the ap econ, get at least a 50 on the mc. makes your life MUCH easier.</p>

<p>The statistics come down to 80% on Macro, and 75% of total points on Micro for 5s. (Off Collegeboard)</p>