Quick - Best (old) SAT Book

<p>Good morning!</p>

<p>I just decided on Thursday to take the Old SAT (Dec 4) in addition to the new SAT. (I'm a junior..) and I plan on reviewing over the breaks I have in November.</p>

<p>So, I'm taking my dog to the pet store now to get his nails clipped and there's a book store right near there.</p>

<p>My question - Which SAT book is the best?! Barrons, Princeton Review, 10 Real SATS, blah blah blah?</p>

<p>Thank you for your help!

<p>If you don't need strategies as much as you want practice, go for the 10 Real SATs.</p>

<p>If you want more strategy than anything, I'd go Princeton Review.</p>

<p>If you want a semidecent balance, I'd go with Kaplan's.</p>

<p>Just my opinions.</p>

<p>... Also my opinion that there is no use to take both the old and new SAT, but I suppose that would be a whole other topic.</p>

<p>10 real sats...</p>

<p>I am a junior too... took the one in oct... got a 1240... met requirements for state colleges..</p>

<p>taking again for a 1350+ for Ivies // other great colleges</p>

<p>And I might take the new SAT in March...</p>

<p>Use the 10 Real SATs... it's great practice, and plus there are strategies in the front.</p>

<p>Actually there is a point in taking the old SAT in addition to the new SAT. New SAT emphasizes much more on critical reading, and as many of you may know, reading is considered the hardest part of teh test (at least for me). Many colleges in fact accept the old SAT.</p>

<p>While many colleges accept the old SAT, <em>all</em> colleges accept the new one. Quite a few don't accept the old SAT, such as Dartmouth. </p>

<p>I personally don't see why I should spend my time preparing for analogies (which I'm horrible at) and worrying about quantitative comparisons when I'm going to end up taking the new SAT and worrying about all the reading anyways.</p>

<p>i ended up getting gruber's and 10 real sats.</p>

<p>the reason i am taking both is quite simple - to take advantage of the unique situation my class is in. colleges i plan on applying to, such as yale, swarthmore, amherst, and princeton, are accepting both the old and new sat. heres the kicker - you know how some schools accept your highest math from one test and your highest verbal from another? well, if they accept both, some are accepting the highest one section from an old test and the highest one section from the new test. </p>

<p>in short, youre bound to be better at the math or verbal/critical reading on either the new or the old, and this way you get the advantage of using two different tests interchangably.</p>

<p>(me, for example, i'm rather good with the analogies, but i have a somewhat rough time with the quantitive comparisons)</p>