QUICK bio question.

<p>Whats the difference between primary and seconday ploem and xylem other than secondary replaces primary with vascular cambium.. i don't really get what they do.</p>

<p>What happen if you decided not to take the AP Exam, but you already pay for it, do you get a refund? My AP Exam cost $11!</p>

<p>is that a joke??? mine was 83</p>

<p>hahah some guy in my test session was trying to cancel the test and get his money back.</p>

<p>as if those bloodsuckers at cb will let that happen. pssh.</p>

<p>Mine was $93.</p>

<p>Mine was $135 :( (I live in Canada)</p>

<p>Mine was $83, but my school paid for it because I'm poor.</p>

<p>mine was free...my school paid for all ap students</p>

<p>Too many kids take APs for my school to do that... but they do subsidize them. We pay $53</p>

<p>Mine was 83 also..</p>

<p>yup, mine was 83 as well.</p>

<p>Doesn't cb refund some of the money? like everything but $15?</p>

<p>^^ Nope, the few that do go through school districts.</p>