Quick chance me- realistic or no?

4.0 GPA, ranked 2/70, sat 1340 new, waiting for subject scores
I have great extracurriculars/community service/ STEM awards (for example, I’m an RPI Medalist) and decent leadership positions.
Sports wise, I’m first seed/conference all-star of Varsity Tennis
I’m also female, asian, low income (<30k), first gen, and applying to their college of engineering

Do I have an ok chance? Or will my sat score kill me… ):

Sorry, not realistic unless you are going as a recruited athlete. Your 1340 is equivalent to about a 29 ACT which is well below the 25th percentile. Your GPA is good, but that’s less important than your class rigor. Is that 4.0 the result of 8-10 AP/IB level courses? I’ll take your word for it the ECs are good, but have you compared yourself to other applicants? Some have leadership positions longer than your arm. Some have start up companies that make lots of money, some have created their own organization that are global in scale. It ridiculous the amount of talent and ambition out there. Decent grades and test scores aren’t enough to ensure a spot these days. If you’re like me, hopefully you have another list of good target schools. Cornell is a major reach for you.