Quick check on my schedule, please?

<p>COMM ST 10. Introduction to Communication Studies
MUSIC 15. Art of Listening
WLD ART 22. Introduction to American Folklore Studies
Fiat Lux Seminar</p>

<p>I think it looks great. Very interesting classes and you are getting some GE's taken care of. Obviously you are not an engineering or pre-med major. Do know that Comm 10 is not an easy class. The others should be a bit easier. Comm 10 is a required class for Comm Studies majors and some say it is a weeder class to get rid of some prospective comm studies students who can't cut it. My daughter (who will be a junior this fall) took comm 10 during the summer this summer (session A) and thinks taking it in the summer was a good idea. It was a lot of work but she did well. So I think your schedule looks great as the Fiat Lux will not be a letter grade and should be not too much work. Enjoy your first quarter!</p>

<p>^Thanks so much for your input and well wishes! :D But ah...Comm Studies is a hard one, huh? >_> Well, I'm definitely not going to be a Comm Studies major, so now I'm rethinking taking that as my GE. I'm considering being a Classics major, so I could also take Elementary Greek or Elementary Latin this quarter. Do you have any input on that? Would taking foreign language classes be too difficult for the first quarter of freshman year or would it be okay? Thanks again!</p>

<p>I really don't know much about the Classics major and the classes you mention. But if you are not going to be a comm major I would rethink taking comm 10. It is a GE but it is a tough class and you might be better off taking a class in another area you are genuinely interested in or something that might be a requirement for some of your major choices. It is also a good idea to have 2-3 back up schedules ready in case some of your class choices are full when you go to register.</p>

<p>Hey Wheatfield, I just came from session 106, and they told us that no freshman were allowed to sign up for any world arts and cultures classes. Not because they were full or anything, they just told us we couldn't.</p>

<p>Not positive if you're a freshman, but you might want to double check that if you are.</p>

<p>PS I'm taking comm 10 and music 15 as well! Woohoo!</p>