Quick EMT Question

<p>Hey guys! For anyone who has a EMT-B certification, how would it work if I turned 18 when I started college? Can I take the course, say the summer after my senior year, then take the test when I'm 18, or how does that work? Will I have to wait till I'm in college?</p>



<p>It depends on where you live. The requirements differ state by state and maybe even where you take it. Some require you to be a certain age before starting training, others before you can be certified, etc. Is this a college class? You can always check with whoever runs it to get a definitive answer.</p>

<p>nate's right - it varies state to state. Not sure how it works in illinois, sorry.</p>

<p>Check up on your state's department of public health (or equivalent) website, as they should have all the requirements. In my state, you can start training and get your EMT-B at 16, although you must be 18 for National Registry (if you want to do that and your state participates).</p>

<p>Thanks guys! I'll look into my states requirements.</p>