quick essay question

<p>this actually applies to any formal essay, but this question came up while i was doing college app essays: is it more formal/proper to not use contractions (ex: can't, i'm, it's)? i'm not sure if it matters, but i noticed that sometimes i used contractions and sometimes i didn't, so i wondered if i'm being inconsistent. or does it depend?</p>

<p>thanks! =)</p>

<p>The use of contractions depends on the tone of your essay - formal writing uses fewer contractions than informal. That isn't to say that your college essay needs to be one or the other. The ideal essay is interesting and tells the college about you, either directly or indirectly. Generally, I'd say it would be good to be fairly consistent throughout the essay (unless there's a good reason to change the tone or voice).</p>

<p>Bauld's classic essay</a> book is a great resource - it's short and humorous, but makes many great points.</p>