Quick Facts about HPU

Hi there everyone! I just wanted to go ahead and leave some of the most updated facts about HPU here:

-Founded in 1924

-Undergraduate enrollment is 4,500 (up 210% since 2005)

-“America’s Best Colleges” 2017 Edition, published in the U.S. News & World Report, ranks HPU #1 among all regional colleges in the South (the fifth consecutive year at #1). It also ranks HPU for the second consecutive year as the #1 Most Innovative Regional College in the South for innovative improvements in terms of curriculum, faculty, students, campus life, technology or facilities.

  • HPU was selected, for the sixth consecutive year, as a “Colleges of Distinction.” It was selected due to distinction in four major categories: engaged students, great teaching, vibrant communities and successful outcomes.

-67 study abroad programs

-BestCollegeValues.org ranks HPU’s Slane Student Center #1 in the nation.

-HPU’s Fred Wilson School of Pharmacy became the only pharmacy school in the Piedmont Triad Region and the fourth in the state when it welcomed its inaugural class of doctoral students in fall 2016.

  • HPU students, faculty and staff contribute more than 100,000 volunteer hours each year. Those hours translate into an impact of $2,179,000 in the community, according to the United Way’s calculations.

-HPU is a member of NCAA Division I athletics and has 16 varsity sports – eight men’s and eight women’s.

-The university attracts 100,000 visitors to the city each year through prospective student tours, family and alumni weekends, athletic events, cultural enrichment productions in art, dance, theatre, music and presentations from world-renowned speakers. Come by and visit >> https://www.highpoint.edu/admissions/visits/

Want to know more? Check out the HPU Website for the most up-to-date information, and see what the #HPUFamily is up to >> https://www.highpoint.edu/

If your child has the slightest academic drive whatsoever, don’t send them here. High Point reels in seniors with fancy Presidential Weekends and Orientations and you don’t see the true side of HPU until you are a student! Very sad.

The honors program turned out to be quite a let down. I get that most of the smart kids want to do science majors, but for business majors, for example they are offering THREE HONORS BUSINESS COURSES for fall 2017. We are expected to take 1 honors course per semester (yeah, only one, I know, real tough huh?). Not to mention that of the 3 business honors courses, only one of them is at the 2000 level that I would be able to take as a sophomore - the other two are 3000.

Your students would be much better off at an established and well-respected state school or a more prestigious private school such as Wake or Elon if you are willing to pay the private school price.

The fact that you have HPU admissions counselors on this website trying to hide the true facts from pissed off parents and students just goes to show how desperate they are to shield families from the truth.

Don’t get me wrong, my professors are very passionate about what they do and my advisors and coaches are so caring about students. Buy and large, its the administration causing these issues and not at all the fault of professors, advisors, coaches, etc…

This school thrives off the donations of the wealthy and throws the non-donor families out in the gutter. There is a laundry list of perks that students of VIFs (very important families) get such as priority housing, and free moving in of your stuff to your dorm in August. Not to mention that, but these students are blatantly given priority for on-campus jobs- even for RESIDENT ASSISTANTS!

jordanNC…You can find annual reminders in the press about ignoring the US News Rankings—usually with a list of good reasons for doing so. The statistics that accompany the rankings are useful, but the rankings themselves don’t mean much. Since HPU is so proud of Malcolm Gladwell’s appearance on campus, maybe you should reference his New Yorker article on the subject for some perspective.

You have to be careful with the other rankings and lists as well. Colleges of Distinction, for example, invites colleges and universities to nominate themselves as Colleges of Distinction. If the next step in the process is for a school to pay a fee, all of it is worthy of being ignored.

bbe267 is right. The fish rots from the head at HPU.

What has happened at the school in the last 10 years is indeed remarkable, but it is remarkable in precisely the same way that Heritage USA was remarkable.

It appears the kids of donors get first priority in Greek Life as well. My child had such a bad rush experience that transferring to a different school is a real possibility. It just validates our suspicion that you really have to pay to play at HPU.

It appears the kids of donors get first priority in Greek Life as well. My child had such a bad rush experience that transferring to a different school is a real possibility. It just validates our suspicion that you really have to pay to play at HPU.

@Akp31563 Not only Greek life, but other on-campus paid positions such as RESIDENT ASSISTANTS! Yes, they dole out RA jobs to kids of VIFs (Very Important Families).