Quick financial aid question

<p>On my financial aid status page, it says they're waiting for my 2007 tax return. However, I never filed one since I don't have an income. Is this fine or am I supposed to do something?</p>


<p>no i don't think so. i think ur supposed to file a student non-filing form and fax it to them...go to the finaid website and click forms and it's on there somewhere. print it out, fill out, blah blah. then go to your OASIS and print out a cover and closing fax sheet for it. then fax it. i would get on it asap if i were u...i didn't have to do it, but i had to do other documents and i researched the finaid site so i am pretty sure thats how its supposed to go.</p>

<p>If you don't file taxes, send a Student Non-Filing Form. If your parents don't file taxes, send a Parent Non-Filer form.</p>

<p>Damn I didn't know that I had to send a non-filing form. I'm printing it right now. Thanks!</p>