Quick ? for Kindle Fire owners!

<p>Wanting to get some type of tablet for my 81 year old mother. We are an Apple family, but being honest, she will not use whatever device a lot so I don't feel comfortable sinking $300 for an iPad mini. I want something with a clear, good screen. Something where I can load a few icons directly on the screen so in one touch she can go to her Facebook page (which we would set up for her), visit my brother's blog, SKYPE, maybe see the weather, MAYBE read a magazine we download for her. Or play solitaire or something like that. That's it. </p>

<p>Can a Kindle fire 6 or 7 do those things without hassle? I'm a little more familiar with Nook but was looking at Kindle as a possibility. The SKYPE is very important as she has family overseas and around the country. </p>

<p>She doesn't have any internet in her home so I know I'll have to arrange for wireless. She is VERY much a computer novice - so one clicking is all I expect she will be able to handle. </p>

<p>On the other hand, if anyone knows of any spots still offering (and having in stock) iPad Mini’s at a good price please let me know!</p>

<p>We regularly buy used iPad 1s and 2s off Craigslist for a hundred dollars or a bit more, because we use them in our business. We buy off Craigslist so that we can actually make sure they work before we fork over the cash. We’ve bought four or five that way without any problems. The batteries seem to last better than the newer iPads, the price is right, and they would allow you to stick with what you know. I have Kindle Fires (both HD and original) and they don’t have a microphone, so no, that won’t work. </p>

<p>Unfortunately I believe that the Kindle Fire 8.9 is the only Kindle with a microphone for Skype. The cheapest I could find it on Amazon.com was [url=&lt;a href=“http://www.amazon.com/Kindle-Fire-HD-9-inch/dp/B008GFRE5A#]$114.99[/url”&gt;http://www.amazon.com/Kindle-Fire-HD-9-inch/dp/B008GFRE5A#]$114.99[/url</a>] which admittedly may be more than you would want to spend especially if you have to set up 4G or Wifi coverage for her too for Internet access.</p>

<p>I don’t have a Kindle Fire, but Amazon’s Fire product pages say the current ones all have microphones, and Skype is specifically mentioned as a feature for all of them. This compares the models:
<a href=“http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IKPYKWG/ref=kin_comp_dk_as_img”>http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IKPYKWG/ref=kin_comp_dk_as_img&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;

<p>Yes, I did see that some of the lesser Kindle models did mention cameras specifically for Skype. </p>

<p>I think that if money was no object (or lesser object!) I would just go with the Apple product. It is what I and my sibs are familiar with and therefore, easy to help her with. Clearly, I should have been smart enough and planned enough to go do Black Friday shopping EARLY and possibly scoop up a mini for less, but I didn’t - enough said! Maybe cybermonday will result in some good deals??? We shall see. </p>

<p>Part of me says “give mom your iPad 2 and get yourself a new one!” - but at the same time, that’s a gift of convenience for ME - I should do what is right for HER! </p>

<p>Another questions then…will an iPad mini be a good size for an 81 year old who sees fine, but needs reading glasses ?? Other grandparents out there using a mini and being satisfied with the size??? Again, for limited use. </p>

<p>We like our Kindle Fire but have never had an iPad so can’t compare them.
I’m pretty much a computer dummy but have no problem getting around on my Kindle. My S gave it to me for Christmas a couple of years ago. He set every thing up for me initially and I’ve had no issues since.</p>

<p>My husband has much worse reading vision than I do and prefers the larger iPad; I use an iPad mini. </p>

<p>I say, give your mom your iPad 2, get yourself a new one, and buy her something else too.</p>

<p>H has given away many older tablets when he wants a newer one. We are not Apple fans. Go ahead and give her your older tablet- you will be able to set it up for her and troubleshoot easily as you are familiar with it.</p>

<p>I love my Kindle Paperwhite as an e-reader. The lighting is good and adjusts nicely for different ambient lightand adjusting the letter size is so nice. But- you want a tablet more than an e-reader.</p>

<p>With aging eyes we like a 10" screen more for web surfing than the handy 7" for reading. </p>

<p>We have both several Kindles: 2 fires, 2 regular kindles and several apple products: IPads, desktop and laptop macs (whatever they are called). I suggest you get your Mom whatever you are familiar with so when she calls with questions you can help her over the phone or a cup of coffee. Buy refurbished or used, she will probably not even know. Or as someone else said, give her your old model and buy yourself a new one. That way you can set it up for her. </p>

<p>I am REALLY tempted to do that…give her mine. Then if the whole idea is a flop with her and she isn’t into the ipad, there is no loss of a new ipad - plus she could have mine (iPad 2) which is larger sized. I don’t want to give her “used” but she is VERY frugal and might be more comfortable that I didn’t spend a lot - and then I will cover the internet fee monthly. </p>

<p>Sounds like a good idea. My M-in-L acquired her iPad a while ago from her D’s family and was adept at it. We just sent her a new tablet with a good deal a week ago, H will do any needed work when she comes to us shortly, but inlaw kids home for the weekend and can set her up. Being familiar with the item yourself is just as important as the product itself.</p>