Quick local care package?

<p>I usually try and send my student a care package from time to time, especially around exam time. I had bought stuff for a pkg, but I am a bit behind and at this point (unless I FedEx it, which I don't want to pay the extra $$$) it wouldn't be worth sending.</p>

<p>I was trying to think of some little thing I could just call or log on and have delivered locally. There's a new company opening on campus called "Insomnia Cookies", but I found out they're not opening til January. Any ideas?

<p>bump… :)</p>

<p>I wish I had better ideas, but I can tell you that at this time, every college has tons of study breaks, as does most student organizations. So for what it’s worth, your student won’t lack for available food :)</p>

<p>That said, I vaguely remember the company that sent me mail back before freshmen year about buying their bedsheets had a form for sending care packages… I also remember throwing it out.</p>

<p>Other than that, Claire’s is a local restaurant/bakery that does delicious vegan stuff. Maybe you can call, place an order, and have your student go pick it up? Unless they live off campus, it’s not that long of a walk.</p>

<p><a href=“http://www%5B/url%5D”>http://www</a>. clairescornercopia. com/</p>

<p>One idea is the cupcake truck: [The</a> Cupcake Truck- New Haven, CT](<a href=“http://followthatcupcake.com/welcome.html]The”>Welcome - About US! - Follow That Cupcake)
I think for a small order though, your student would have to pick up at the truck (wherever that is). They aren’t cheap,either.</p>

<p>Thanks, guys. I think you’re right about no lacking food there…I guess I just wanted to know that I was thinking of him. I’ll just put my ideas aside for next semester’s finals :slight_smile:
Maybe it’s just a Hallmark event this time around. I’ll put a card in the mail today. But good to know about the cupcake truck (might be good for birthday…)</p>

<p>I did get a mailing about Yale care packages from the associated student agencies (and I fell for it and bought one :slight_smile: ). You might watch for it next time.</p>