Quick Overview

<p>So right now, I am a junior in high school and doing reasonably well. I have a class rank of 5/369, but no test scores as of yet. I have always loved finance and the high-paced, intense energy of a Wall Street-esque job, so naturally, I was inclined towards I-Banking. After doing some research, I basically decided it wasn't my type of job. The hours were far too long, and to be honest, I am not willing to kill myself working 90+ hours a week. Well after some more research, I found out that Sales and Trading can achieve practically the same compensation, with an environment and lifestyle that I would enjoy. So, basically, I have a long list of questions that I would love answered:</p>

<p>1.) Essentially, what is, in fact, Sales and Trading?
2.) What other job or careers would provide similar compensations and are related to finance and business in general?
3.) Does my undergraduate major matter for S&T and co., and if so, what should I be looking to major in?
4.) I was under the impression that schools without reputable business programs, possibly such as Princeton, would not be targeted for these types of internships, but I realize I am incorrect in these assumptions. What are, preferably the top 20, schools targeted by these firms for internships and careers?
5.) Would one recommend that I attend these schools' regular undergrad college, or to specifically attend their undergrad business schools, such as Stern?</p>

<p>I am aware of the fact that I need to do a lot more research, but any extra help would be appreciated, as well as if one could direct me to find the resources for my research. As you may be able to tell, I love finance and I love making money, as does anyone else, so of course I anticipate a great deal of competition. Yet again, I thank you all in advance for these clarifications.</p>