Quick Query

<p>I signed up for Summer B as a freshman, however, how does one go about obtaining textbooks for their class? Do I simply pre-order the books via the UF bookstore website, and then pick it up once I'm there? </p>

<p>Is there typically a surplus/shortage of textbooks at UF?</p>

<p>I would buy your textbooks from half.com or amazon.com, its wayyy cheaper. You can also rent books from chegg.com</p>

<p>I usually wait until the first week of classes to buy my books, just to make sure they're actually required. Also sometimes the professors say it's just a reference, so then I just buy an old edition for like 2 dollars.</p>

<p>FOr big classes, they're definitely a surplus. For really specialized classes, no so much.</p>

<p>dont pre-order. check around for prices first. if you see a great deal, jump on it. if you dont see anything thats super great, wait until after the first day. if you need the book immediately (language classes tend to be hardcore about this), get it from a book store. if you aren't going to need the book for a little bit, keep shopping around. often times you wont even need the book thats listed. if you got the book early because it was cheap, you'll have it and it'll help and you can sell it back without much loss. if you buy it from the bookstore in advance, you just get screwed because you'll take a huge loss without really using the book.</p>