quick question about schedule changes

<p>hey everyone :) I am about to be a freshman at MSU in the RCAH. I am really excited but I just wanted to change 2 of my classes. One of them has only one spot left and the other has 2 spots left. Am I correct that the earliest time i can make changes to my schedule is august 30? and also, i don't really know if anyone can answer this question, but i am just wondering what do you think my chances are of switching into the classes are? i'm just nervous that the spots left might get taken... although i think AOPs are over. Thanks! :)</p>

<p>Yes, the earliest you can change is Aug 30.</p>

<p>And Aop's aren't over. There is one more in the last week of August.
Good luck! :)</p>

<p>The spots might be taken but other spots might open up. So just keep your eye out, the first week of classes there are tons of people who add/drop classes so if you don't have the chance to get into the classes you want initially, you almost always will be able to get into them during that week if you are persistent in checking.</p>

<p>thank you everyone! :)</p>

<p>Oh, I totally forgot that you were in RCAH. Don't worry about RCAH classes. I've never heard anyone being told that they can't enter, even if it's full. </p>

<p>Non-RCAH classes are different though.</p>

<p>oh really ? that's awesome! so if they are full how do you get in... ? ask your advisor?</p>

<p>Ask Kate (the only advisor), or the prof. </p>

<p>What class/whose class do you want to get into?</p>

<p>Ok, cool, thanks :)</p>

<p>Well... i want to switch out of RCAH 111 section 007 into section 003. 007 is about how native americans settled here and all that... but i'm not really interested and 003 is about the role language plays in struggles for racial, social and economic justice... which sounds really interesting to me. </p>

<p>And the other one i want to switch out of is RCAH 201 section 004 which is with Esquith and we read books like The Iliad and Travels with Herodotus... which sounds interesting but i am more interested in section 002 which is about "the creative process between cultures". </p>

<p>soo yep hopefully i can get into those classes! lol</p>

<p>Oohh... Ok I'm going to strongly caution you against taking Jackson. He is a good man, but he is very, VERY frustrating. He never keeps his office hours, he has very harsh and inconsistent grading practices, and he will never answer your emails. </p>

<p>I do not know a single person who has taken more than one of his classes. </p>

<p>However, do at your own risk. In the same timeslot is Aronoff's class. Aronoff does linguistic anthropology and his course is a heck of a lot more interesting than it sounds. Just a friendly warning :). </p>

<p>Sullivan (202 002) I do not know but he should have no problem letting you in.</p>

<p>Really? That sucks about Jackson because I am already taking another class with him for RCAH 192 about rap music and all which i thought sounded really interesting. Is he nice at least? lol </p>

<p>Aronoff's class does sound interesting too though, I'll have to think about it. Thanks so much for all your help! :)</p>

<p>He's um... well I can't say he's exactly nice to people in class. Unless of course if you agree with him on everything. Then he's pretty nice. </p>

<p>He is nice outside of class though.</p>

<p>As I said, I just am giving you a heads up.</p>

<p>Hmm.. I just went to ratemyprofessors and people say the same thing. They say if you agree with him you can get a 4.0 but he doesn't like other people's opinions.. so i'm not so sure anymore lol. </p>

<p>Have you heard anything about RCAH 192.. the "private faith and public life" class taught by Yoder? Because that also sounds really interesting to me so i am wondering if i should change to that instead of the history of rap music class.</p>

<p>I love Yoder.
I helped plan the course (shhh). But no really, we (him, another RCAH student, and I) sat and brainstormed with him down in Costa Rica while sitting at a breakfast place on the beach.
I personally think it will be very interesting. It's going to be about is there really a separation of church and state in America, and what does that even mean? You're going to do this by looking at religion and public life from various parts of the world and America.</p>

<p>He is a tough grader but he will do everything possible to help you. He was on the study abroad with me this year and I 4.0ed all of his classes. Plus, he has a freaking sweet rocking chair in his office that you can go sit in when you're really stressed (not that I'm speaking from experience or anything... lol).</p>

<p>The girl and I who helped plan the class are going to sit in on a couple of classes... because we're really freaking jealous that this class wasn't available our freshmen years.</p>

<p>Whoa, seriously?! That is so cool that you helped plan the course... it really shows how the RCAH has professors who care/value their students' opinions. Lol he sounds like a cool professor and I would rather have him than Jackson by the sounds of it. All these classes sound so interesting it's kinda hard to choose! But I am for sure taking this class. Thanks for all the info you really helped :)</p>

<p>No problem, any time. </p>

<p>PS: He is intimidating looking. But he really is a teddy bear. Plus, he has a wicked sense of humor (and the other girl and I can never take his classes again... we know too much about him to ever take him seriously again.)</p>

<p>Haha well sounds good to me :)</p>

<p>I'm sorry but I have one more question.. are the RCAH kids pretty much like a tight-knit group? Not in a clicky way, but kind of in a welcoming, friendly way... I'm not sure if I'm describing this very well, lol. But you probably know what I mean. I guess what I am trying to ask is was it easy for you to make friends? Or did it take a few weeks/months? And also, are most of your friends in the RCAH?</p>

<p>Absolutely. RCAH pretty much splits off into two groups: those who party hardy (they usually drop out of RCAH in the first semester) and those who are more chill. Of the chill people, they are usually divided between theater and others, but they mix big time (I am in theater, but I mostly hang out with the "other" category lol). </p>

<p>It was super easy for me to make friends. I made friends my first few weeks, but slowly I drifted over to a group of girls on the other side of the hall. By the start of 2nd semester, I was basically living on the other side of the hall lol. </p>

<p>Everyone is super friendly and super nice though. Don't be afraid to just go and knock on people's doors (everyone there is in the same boat). I honestly don't remember anyone in RCAH not getting along. Sure, not everyone was best friends, but I don't remember any cat fights either.</p>

<p>Most of my friends are in RCAH, but not all. It just happens that way since you live and learn with the same people for the first year. I am a double major though which really helped with having non-RCAH friends. Plus, if you have a job on campus- that helps too.</p>

<p>That sounds awesome, that's how I thought people were there but of course I wasn't sure. It makes me a lot less nervous and more excited to go. Again, thanks for all your advice & it was nice talking to you! :)</p>

<p>Nice talking to you to. Any more questions, just lemme know :).</p>