Quick Question About Scoring

<p>All the collegeboard guides and everything say that when you have a decimal raw score, they round to the nearest whole number. But if you get a .5 do they round up or do they round to the even?</p>

<p>I'm not sure what you mean by "round to the even," but I'm pretty sure that they round .5 up the nearest whole number. hope that helps!</p>

<p>basically if there was a score of 76.5 (say in SAT II chem) would they round up because its a .5 to 77 or would they "round to the even" (which is the type of rounding we use in chem and physics) and round it to 76</p>

<p>anybody know??</p>

<p>I think the CB website states in its scoring section that this would be rounded to 77.</p>

<p>For you math types, the formula used in the SAT/SAT Subj/AP is: rounded-score = int(score + 0.5), where int() truncates any fractional part leaving only the integer part.</p>

<p>The only possible fractional scores are X.25, X.50, and X.75; these last two get rounded to X+1, the first gets rounded to X.</p>

<p>excellent thanks</p>

<p>Round up!!!! that's it's better to get 2 wrong and skip 1 than 3 wrong... made a huge difference on my SAT Writing =[ I got 3 wrong, dropped to 760. 2 wrong would've been 800 with my SAT writing curve and 11 essay, 2 wrong 1 skip would've been 780...</p>