Quick Question About the Meaning of "Legacy"

<p>Does legacy only apply if your parents went to a university you would want to attend or does it work for any family members? If so would it apply to extended family like cousins and would it add some weight if they also completed law or medical school? just curious. I may be in similar situations</p>

<p>Usually refers to Parents/Grandparents.</p>

...legacy status is considered by colleges to be when either of your parents, grandparents, or siblings went to undergrad school at the college to which you are applying.<a href="found%20%5Burl=http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/brown-university/391157-legacy-definition-brown.html%5Dhere%5B/url%5D"&gt;/quote&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>If it's your cousin or something, I wouldn't put it down.</p>

<p>Legacy technically does refer to all familial ties but the admission boost depends on the extent of the legacy and that individual's continuing contribution to the institution.</p>

<p>Each school uses a different definition for legacy (although I have never heard that cousins count). Some say it is just parents, some parents and grandparents, some say that it only counts if your parents attended the undergraduate school while others count graduate degrees. You should check the website of any school you're interested in and if the answer isn't found online, you can call up the admissions office and ask.</p>

<p>As midatlmom mentioned, it's going to vary widely by school. This is taken from a legacy scholarship application (school removed). </p>

<p>The Alumni Legacy Scholarship is offered to qualified students who are connected to the University in one of the following ways:</p>

<pre><code>* Child of a graduate — At least one parent is a graduate of the University and is a member of the Alumni Association
* Relative of a graduate — A grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling or spouse is a graduate of the University and is a member of the Alumni Association

<p>That one includes aunts, uncles, and siblings as well, but also requires they have a membership with their alumni association, so that may be something to watch for too.</p>

Legacy technically does refer to all familial ties


<p>Simply not true if you're looking for the king of legacy treatment where your file gets extra consideration. Who gets tagged is a schools by school thing, with all schools counting children of undergrad graduates and others also counting grad school alum, grandparents, siblings.....</p>

<p>I would just note that this is not necessarily an either/or thing. While it may be that a particular college only gives formal recognition to legacy status if parents went there, it still might be interesting and relevant to the admissions office if you had a bunch of other relatives who attended. It might be something you'd mention in your "why XYZ College" essay, or in an interview. Don't assume that it's a worthless fact.</p>