Quick question about transfering credits & gpa.


<p>What happens to your credits what you transfer from one university to another?
Some credits don't get accepted by the other university, does that change your GPA?
Let's say a class that I got an "A" on was not accepted. does that lower my current GPA at the other university? etc
I'm sure you guys know what I'm trying to ask. any advice concerning this matter is greatly appreciated.</p>


<p>Generally, colleges "wipe" your gpa once you transfer; your new gpa will consist of the classes you've taken at your new school. Grades from your old school do matter as far as grad school and getting into the new school are concerned. If they don't accept a class for credit, it wouldn't have any affect on your gpa anyway.</p>

<p>So you would have 90 credits (or however many transferred) but no GPA</p>