Quick question: are these good scores?

<p>SAT II Chem: 710 67 Percentile
SAT II Math II: 670 55 Percentile</p>

<p>The percentiles bother me......are these worth sending when the time comes at all?</p>

<p>Depends on the college, you want to go to, but their not that hot.</p>

<p>For top schools, those are subpar. Where are you aiming for?</p>

<p>University of North Carolina, University of Michigan is second. My parents kinda want me to apply for an ivy league.....ehhhh. I just wanted to take them to help demonstrate my proficiency in these subjects. I didn't get amazing grades freshman and sophomore year (straight Bs....... but straight As this year and no A-s second semester!) so I thought this could help supplement everything else in my application(s). They're not required at ANY of the schools I plan on applying to (unless I apply ivy league).</p>

<p>do colleges see the percentile? or just the grade?</p>

<p>They see the grade... but its obvious to them what the percentilles are.... I mean, if you are sending in 550 and all the other applicants send in 700+, they will know that your score is low.</p>