Quick question concerning EC's

<p>Cheers to everyone who waited till the last day to finish 1B :) We rock.</p>

<p>Question on order of importance for EC's:
There seems to be a consensus on the fact that it is more valuable to have a select few ECs that show dedication.
Soooo.. If I've got 5 incredible EC's with 3 or 4 years of dedication and numerous accomplishments, and the next best is.. Cross Country & Golf.. ending Junior year, is it better to put it or leave a blank spot? </p>

<p>A) Leave blank and they think that I never try anything new. </p>

<p>B) Put it and I'm an inconsistant person who has no idea what they're doing, has no clue how to spend time, flip flopper, hopelessly trying to mass useless activities for college apps, or what have you.</p>

<p>Maybe I'm all wrong. Any help is appreciated.</p>

<p>Put them all on there. You can do lots of things and focus on one in particular.</p>

<p>Thanks! Will do</p>