Quick question in which I need a very speedy answer?

<p>When you submit your electronic application, can you go back and update it, for example edit the essay you may have sent with it?</p>

<p>If I send it in before tomorrow at 8am, the 45 dollar fee is waived, but I'm not sure if my essay is as great as I want it to be since I want some serious merit scholarship consideration. If I sent it in, could I go back and edit it?</p>

<p>No, by definition, when you submit an app you are presenting it in its completed form. When you go to submit your app online, it will ask you several times to make sure that this is the app which you want to be read. The alternative is having applicants revising essays again and again as they realize that they could have made this sentence a bit more sound, etc. which won't work when you're dealing with several thousand applicants. </p>

<p>The sole corollary to this is if you received a new award or office, which you could send in by mail and have it put into your file.</p>

<p>Darn, ok... And the Pitt application leaves no space to list extra-curricular activities.They will be listed on my transcript but is it possible to send in a resume type paper? Do I email it to them and they add it to my file?</p>

<p>Don't rush a half-baked essay in just to get the application fee waived, you risk losing way more than $45 in scholarship money. Another way to get the application fee waived is if you fill out the standard application form while you're on campus for a summer visit. An essay isn't required at that time, most people upload it later. Which makes me wonder if this online thing isn't the same. In other words, you fill out the standard application, they open a file for you, you get your application fee waived, then you upload the essay and/or any other supplemental information at some later time and before the application is ready for review (which happens when all the <em>required</em> components, such as the high school transcript, are received.)</p>

<p>^ O_O You saved me from the submit button. Thanks. I'm actually going tomorrow</p>

<p>We submitted a resume along with the application.</p>

<p>A resume was also sent separately for my daughter. Her school included it with the official transcript.</p>

<p>I actually sent a bunch of additional things with my transcript. I chose to send two recommendation letters (btw... the letters are optional). I also chose to send a brochure that described a special program I was participating in for the year as well as a list with a description of each of my extracurricular activities. I guess it worked because I did get a full tuition scholarship. I'd say definitely add a much as you can, without overwhelming the committee because you want them to see the type of student that you are and how involved you are throughout high school.</p>