quick question - please answer

<p>hi guys...i've sort of been a lurker on this board but I'm applying to Princeton ED...1580/800x3 and 3.96 UW for purpose of the roster...but my main reason for posting was to ask the following question: Should I list TASP finalist on my academic honors section. For those of you who may not know, Telluride Association Summer Program is a highly selective summer program in the liberal arts (something like RSI but for liberal arts). Although I wasn't actually selected for the program, even to become a finalist is pretty difficult since the pool of people who are invited to apply is considerably elite itself. But I know there willl be people applying to Princeton ED who will have attended TASP, so I'm maybe worried that listing TASP finalist might actually make me seem less competitive. Anyways, this is just the last tiny detail I'm stressing about before I submit my app so I'd appreciate any help or opinions.</p>

<p>Put it if you don't have a lot of other honors. It is a minor detail and you shouldn't be stressing over it.</p>

<p>This is a little late for princeton ED, but LIST TASP LIST TASP LIST TASP LIST TASP LIST TASP LIST TASP!!! Or L L Nunn will smite you!</p>