Quick question regarding schedules...

<p>If I retake a class for fun, would it seem bad to AdComs?</p>

<p>What about being a Teacher's Aid?</p>

<p>retake a class for fun: yes. seen as a waste of time.</p>

<p>If you have room for it, go for it! If you don't, it's a bad idea. I know someone who's taking AP french a second time just for the fun of it</p>

<p>Thanks guys! Anyone have any opinions for Teacher's Aid or just retaking a class (AP Music) again just for fun (I got a 5, so there isn't really a productive reason for me to retake... I just really enjoy the class.)</p>

<p>Does taking a class you already took and obviously did well in a second time fall under "taking the most rigorous classes you can"? No, so it would not be to your benefit whatsoever. If anything, it'll be detrimental.</p>

<p>Yes it would be dumb to retake the class</p>

<p>If your school would let you, you could keep studying music at a level beyond AP during school via self study / college courses. That would definitely be more productive. There's also free stuff out there:</p>

<p>MIT</a> OpenCourseWare | Music and Theater Arts | 21M.301 Harmony and Counterpoint I, Spring 2005 | Home</p>

<p>^Good idea... Never really thought of that.</p>

<p>Anyone for Teacher's Aide?</p>

<p>Conquerer has a good point... can you dual enroll in a music class at your local community college? Often times, it's free for HS students, and colleges definitely look upon DE classes with high regard.</p>

<p>As for taking TA, I don't see anything wrong with it? I took TA 1 last year as a junior and am taking TA 2 this year... The teacher I TA for actually lets me teach one of her classes whenever I'm up for it.. so usually one day a week, and it's helped solidify my dream to become a high school teacher. Now if your schedule is TA 1, TA 2, Cooking, Basketball, and AP Music (for the second time), that's definitely not going to look good. But essentially, as long as you're challenging yourself and taking the most rigorous courses (generally), there's nothing wrong with electives; everybody takes them.</p>