Quick question!

<p>So, I'm pretty much freaking out over here because I recently took the AP Biology exam and I honestly believe I did H O R R I B L E. And since my scores are going to be sent to Mount Holyoke, I'm scared they will revoke my admission because of my terrible score. So, do they actually revoke admissions like that or am I just over-reacting? </p>

<p>Please tell me I'm over-reacting haha. I really want to go to MHC!!</p>

<p>You are over reacting. Relax and have a good summer. You can get a -1 on an AP test and NO college will revoke an acceptance for that, unless you get an F in your high school course (among other bad spring term grades). AP tests are NOT required by ANY college after acceptance. If you get a bad AP score, you will merely have to take that course again in college if you want to take further course in that department. My D did not get a great AP biology test score. She took the course again at MHC (along with the combined Chemistry course (1.60)) and did fine. Of course, another option is not to take any bio courses ever again. :)</p>

<p>Slightly different topic but I think I'll add on as it's sort of related. What is considered an acceptable grade for semester? I think I may end up with a 79%, which would be my first C and I'm terrified I'll be revoked D:</p>

<p>Thank you so much ConCerndDad. I'm definitely going to enjoy my summer now that I know I won't be revoke for my AP score. I don't think I'm going to get an F in any high school course, probably a C, but no lower than that.</p>

<p>Fishii: If your final term's high school grades are pretty much like your previous terms' grades (upon which MHC based its admissions decision) except for one lower grade, a C, I would suspect that you have nothing to worry about in terms of MHC's withdrawing your acceptance. I do NOT work in the admissions office however. All colleges have seen their fill of high school seniors who don't work as hard in their last semester of high school, (i.e., after the senior has been accepted by a college). Just remember that when September comes around, you must work hard again if you want good grades at MHC. Good grades at MHC are not given out for nothing -- they must be earned. And sometimes earning them takes a lot of work.</p>