Quick Question

<p>Hello, HMC is one of 2 colleges that I have narrowed my college choice down to. My girlfriend will probably be going to UCR next fall and I am wondering if it is actually possible to maintain this relationship or would it be nearly impossible for me to do so. Coincidentally, the other choice I am considering UCR, but that is because of the full ride they offered me and the fact that it is smaller than Cal and and UCLA(the other public schools i got into). I am just wondering how hard it would be to maintain a relationship with someone who lives ~30 miles away.</p>

<p>I have other questions as well, but i think those will be answered at the program thing tomorrow.</p>

<p>Long distance relationships are usually tough, but I wouldn't really call 30 miles a long distance. If you're really committed to it, you can make it work. Other than that I would suggest that UCR would be a bad idea just because it has virtually no respect among UCs even, and while Mudd isn't terribly well known at least you know it will challenge you.</p>

<p>(I've been informed that I might be horribly blunt in saying this, but this is my honest opinion. Take it as you will.)</p>