Quick question

<p>what do we need to send in by today?</p>

<p>One of my teachers still owes me a rec letter and my school isn’t giving transcriptions yet, cause they’re not ready.</p>

<p>I already have everything else ready, but I don’t want to put it Early Decision if it’s not gonna matter anyway. I’m kinda stressing, so help</p>

<p>I can't pretend to be an expert but I'm fairly certain that for Early Decision, everything needed to be postmarked or submitted today... including school transcripts... actually ESPECIALLY transcripts. That is actually very irresponsible of your school for not having it ready by now, no? I mean, what about all the other people who are applying early to colleges from your school?</p>

<p>Penn will not hold it against you if your school messes up. Your teacher, maybe because you can remind him/her every hour or so during the school day. Good luck though.</p>

<p>my school is in Puerto Rico, and things work very differently for universities here. They only ask for transcripts after the first semester. I have been telling them I need the transcripts, but I guess I am now screwed and will have to apply regular decision. This REALLY SUCKS!</p>

<p>should I still mark it as early decision, even though that is not ready???</p>