Quick Question

I am starting to apply to colleges and I don’t know whether to apply online or by filling out the application by hand. I am going into the admission office TOMORROW and I don’t know which one to use. Is there any way I can go to the college site and type onto the downloadable application thorugh adobe?

What should I do? THanks!Sorry it was not a quick question:(

<p>Usually colleges say that both forms (online, paper) will be given equal consideration. But it really is up to you.</p>

<p>The plus side of doing it online is that you can assured your online arrives there safely (unless your Internet messes up, but most online applications have ways to save each part of the application as you go). Your paper application can get lost or delayed on its journey there.</p>

<p>However, some say paper applications (mainly handwritten) are more "personal." Frankly, it's up to you.</p>

<p>If the college offers a PDF version of the application and you have the correct program of Adobe Acrobat, you can type text onto the application.</p>

<p>Thanks, I am going to bring my handwritten application tomorrow, but I will also try to type it through adobe.</p>