Quick question

<p>On friday, i have classes from 9am to 1:50pm. 1 writing lecture, 1 seminar, 1 lecture. One after another. Is this a bad idea? Will it be too much to handle for a single day?</p>

<p>I have it worse - 3 straight classes too from 10-2:50, then a 2 hour class from 8-10</p>

<p>Hmm, I think I have it even worse - 3 classes straight from 9:30-3:20... Tuesdays AND Thursdays. Oh the joy of science labs. Wednesdays I have 12-5:20. I purposely piled my classes on Monday-Thursday back to back so that I wouldn't have to go back to my apartment and waste time, and also so I would not have class Fridays. My friend says he would rather space out of all of classes Monday-Friday instead of having a schedule like mine, but I honestly think class time is not stressful at all and is not "too much to handle." Really, you just sit there, listen, and take notes (unless your class is a lab. And oh goodness I have THREE this coming semester...). I mean c'mon, we went to high school everyday from 8am-3pm... it's the studying/projects that you work on outside of class that will drain you.</p>

<p>any current students want to comment on how hard 5 hours of class is?</p>

<p>it's not bad. i've had a few semesters when i've had 9am-9pm with only one or two hours of break in the middle.</p>

<p>^ Are the 9 to 9 classes common for upperclassmen schedules?</p>

<p>I highly recommend stacking your classes together, as I've found that I function much more efficiently that way. Having breaks in between classes makes me feel lazy and I end up not getting much done during those breaks.</p>

<p>This is actually a great setup. Getting them all out the way tends to work way better for productivity, just bring snacks to your lecture. Your Friday is only 5 hours; in high school we went about 8 hours straight!
On the other hand, if you're a napper, some gaps can be soooo nice. Last semester, I had class on Tuesday 10 am - 12:30, then 2-6. It was a long day, but that 90 minute gap in the middle gave me a perfect window for lunch and a catnap :) I loved it. But the days in which I had all my classes together were definitely more productive.</p>


<p>no definitely not. i would say non science/engineering majors would never have a schedule like that unless they only had class 3 days a week or something (which has been done before lol). i had double lab plus 2 lectures and a discussion. i think i had 27-29 hours of class per week those semesters so while 3/5 days were pretty bad (primarily my long day), i only had one 90 minute lecture for T/Th.</p>

<p>For days where you have like 3-4 classes back-to-back, how do you carry all of your school materials with you? Like, I don't know about you, but I'm the kind of person who tends to overprepare, so I bring a lot of stuff with me =/ This is unncessary, I know. But if you have a bunch of classes back-to-back, how do you propose handling your textbooks + notebooks + other supplies? It's going to be a heavy load to carry.</p>