Quick Questions about Recruiting - GPA/Experience/Major

<p>I am a rising junior from a target school. </p>

<p>1) Is a 3.70 fine for recruitment? I am getting a B.S., but not in engineering/econ/finance.</p>

<p>2) I got B's in two math & accounting classes. Is this a problem, even a small problem for recruitment? (Profs for these classes refused to curve huge lecture classes). Does it make sense to re-take these classes...? </p>

<p>3) I don't have any actual IBanking experience. I've done other internships - PWM, VC, corp finance, etc. Is this a problem, or should I try to find a part-time IBanking school-year internship before recruitment begins?</p>

<p>1) 3.70 is enough for IB
2) Nobody will know/ask what grades you got in what classes, but if you should definitely be comfortable with accounting
3) Most rising juniors do not have actual IB experience, and most places don’t expect you to. If you have other finance internships, that’s fine. It’s all about how you spin it anyways</p>

<p>The only potential problem could be the fact that you’re not studying econ/finance. What is your major? If it’s something like english, you’ll need to come up with a good explanation for why you didn’t study something more relevant</p>

<p>Ask this on Wallstreetoasis</p>

<p>“student” is getting a BS, so hes not majoring in english. "Student
also goes to a target school, so realistically he does not need to work as hard at acc’ting etc. “Student” should be sitting in his target school placement office, looking up opportunities through them, and asking for real help of his target school counsellors, not asking questions of random people on CC.</p>

<p>School counselors and career services are completely useless when it comes to recruiting, even at a top target like Wharton. WSO is your best bet.</p>

<p>D was asked her HS gpa and SAT scores for her first BB internship after sophomore year. I’m pretty sure she was asked the same thing, as well as a transcript, for her different BB internship after her junior year. She was offered a job and is still working there. (She is on her 2-weeker right now in Peru. )</p>

<p>More importantly, why did you get the B’s? Financial accounting should be an easy A for prospective IB employees. What math classes did you get a B in? </p>

<p>These grades in accounting and math classes would concern me more.</p>