quick questions regarding app


<p>On the teacher/counselor recommendation, do I fill out my personal information by pen, or is it supposed to be typed?
I know that the common app fills it out for you to print out, so I was wondering whether the USC app does the same.</p>

<p>Also, only one teacher recommendation or counselor recommendation is necessary right? So one recommendation total? If I send in 2 teacher recommendations and 1 counselor recommendation, would that be ok?</p>


<p>The Teacher rec form can be typed or printed. If you have a typewriter and your printing is really bad, type it. It never hurts to be as neat as possible. </p>

<p>USC's downloadable forms are not fill-in style. </p>

<p>One teacher rec is required. It is ok to turn in more, but do it only if the additional recs are excellent.</p>

<p>Does anyone know... In form 7, the Transcript Request Form, I fill that out myself, right? There doesn't seem anything there for my counselor or teacher to fill out.</p>