Quick Statement

<p>I have read in numerous posts that your quick statement in bear facts displays your most recent school dues. However, mine says "As of: Jun 18, 2010". Should I still assume that my quick statement is the most accurate display? Also, I will probably not be able to pay my dues by August 15 because I did not receive my cal grant yet. From what I heard, you can pay a fee to go on a deferred payment plan. Do I need to sign up for the plan or will I automatically be placed in the program when they discover that I did not pay my dues?</p>

<p>final question: If I was assigned to Cal Grant A by Berkeley but given Cal Grant B according to the official Cal Grant website, do I need to notify Cal? Or will they automatically rectify the problem?</p>

<p>Sorry if these answers were posted before, but for the threads I skimmed, the questions were not answered.</p>

<p>As far as Quick Statement, mine says “As of: June 18, 2010” as well. However, when you call the Financial Aid office, they tell you to take a print screen of the Quick Statement before you made the payment and check it after. Even though it says June 18, mine was updated a day or two after I made the payment. So, I guess… don’t believe the date and make sure you check the Quick Statement before and after making payments to see if the payment was received. (Although if you check the bank account, the money hasn’t transfer yet, at least in my case - but as long as CARS sees it, that’s good enough for me.)</p>

<p>That date is the same for everybody - ignore it. Quickstatement is current, no further back than the day before’s actual balance.</p>