quick transfer question

<p>I went to a four year private school last year for my freshman year. I'm taking a semester's worth of credits over the summer at my local community college. I was considering moving somewhere else in my state and going to community college there instead of staying home for possibly the semester maybe the year.</p>

<p>Would this be frowned upon come application time to big schools? Would they think i'd be transfering twice and look bad just jumping around. Or do the two community colleges kind of blend together as just going to community college? The two schools are part of the greater community college system of the state, so the classes are all the same. Let me know what you think. Thank you</p>

<p>No it shouldnt be an issue, you can always say it was a personal reason is your essay; I think youre fine.</p>

<p>thanks. so would it make any difference if the second of those community colleges happened to be located in the same town as another state college.</p>

<p>Community College is located 10 minutes away from JMU campus</p>

<p>I want to apply to UVA. for next spring or next fall</p>

<p>Will they look at the change and location? or does it matter?</p>

<p>Either way. The community college will be a VCCS cc.</p>

<p>I dont see what it being next to another state college has anything to do with it? What do you mean?</p>

<p>They will certainly look at, but again, that is something you may explain in a short answer essay. There are some other who transferred twice, they may have more insight. But seeing how they are both CC's within the same system, it really shouldnt be an issue, especially if you make strong grades at both.</p>

<p>It should be fine. I hated my college and left after first semester, so I enrolled in some night classes at the state school near my house to keep up with credits. I just explained it in my essay and didn't encounter any issues when applying to schools and was accepted at all four I applied to, so it obviously wasn't frowned upon.</p>

<p>This coming semester I will have attended a different college for each of my three semesters I've been enrolled, if it makes you feel any better. One of my friends that took a gap year has been joking that I will have been to three schools before he's even been to one.</p>