quick UC/CSU application questions

<p>UC apps
- if I already have a SAT II score for writing, but I plan to take that SAT II test again in december do I include that score and the planned date?
- silly question, but just making sure. if my mom always had the same job, I just put the same # of years for previous occupation as current occupation?
-I transferred to a new chinese school in sophomore year. at the new chinese school I began to receive high school credit for it. do you think it's necessary to include this in my personal statement related to Chinese school? I didn't include Chinese school in my extracurricular activities so they only know about me taking Chinese 10th-12th grade (seen as part of the list of my courses in the app).
- UCs prefer students to take physics, but i didn't to balance my schedule.
in one of my personal statements, is it a good reason when I say that I chose a different science course instead of physics since I felt it would benefit more? Fitting my interests better than physics is another reason I made that decision. which do you suggest I say? or it doesn't really matter =)
- how did you calculate your hours per week and weeks per year for extracurricular information? after I calculate my total hours, then what? oh yes and does it mean the calculation includes until the end of your senior year, so you would have to estimate the time for that? </p>

- I took a course at a community college in the summer (the course was a SAT I class, which isn't an UC-approved course, not to be include in my high school courses section). then about a year later I'm taking a community college course at my high school since it's offered there. would I say I enrolled in that college from the starting date of my course to the ending date of my second course (no gap)? sorry if that was confusing.</p>

<p>THANKS!! any help at all is greatly appreciated =D</p>