Quick Waitlist Question (Chem 143A)

<p>So for Chem 143A (Ochem Lab) I was curious how much the wait list moves (I remember registering for Chem 7L and being able to get from a wait list position at 8). I'm sure some of you have experience with the Chem department and enrollment therein. </p>

<p>I register at 7:10 am Wednesday, and the section time I want has 1, 10, 3, and 5 spots open respectively, though I'm sure by Tuesday night they'll be taken.</p>


<p>I also have this question. My enrollment time is until 9 pm tomorrow and there is only like 3 spots open in the 8 am class, everything is full. By tomorrow those spots will be gone. How much do waitlist go up? or will they open more space later. I know they did for the lab that i'm in right now, there were 18 spots open initially and they opened it up to 24 people and those in waitlists were able to get into the class. I hope someone can answer this :/</p>

<p>Ok, it looks like they opened 2 more spots on all the sections (from 18-20). Not sure if they'll do more, but at the moment I'm position 2 for one of the 8:00 am wait-lists.</p>