Quidditch on the Quad

<p>My D will be out there tomorrow cheering on her friends. Looks like fun! The video below is so cute. </p>

<p>The University of Alabama’s Creative Campus will again host Quidditch on the Quad, a campus-wide muggle quidditch tournament, on Sunday, November 13th, 2011 at the University of Alabama’s Quad in collaboration with University Recreation. </p>

<p>Preliminary rounds will be held at the Recreational Fields on Thursday, November 10th, 2011. University of Alabama students are invited to form teams and register from October 3rd to October 21st, 2011 on the Creative Campus website, [Creative</a> Campus](<a href=“http://www.creativecampus.ua.edu%5DCreative”>http://www.creativecampus.ua.edu). </p>

<p>Creative Campus interns have created a video promoting team registration. The video is viewable at [Quidditch</a> on the Quad II on Vimeo](<a href=“http://vimeo.com/29978010]Quidditch”>http://vimeo.com/29978010). </p>

<p>For more info: [Creative</a> Campus Announces Return of Quidditch on the Quad | Creative Campus](<a href=“Best Sign Company St. Louis MO | Custom Signage Shop Near Me”>Best Sign Company St. Louis MO | Custom Signage Shop Near Me)</p>

<p>Quidditch</a> on the Quad tournament begins this week at UA | al.com</p>

<p>Quidditch returns to the University of Alabama this week as student teams prepare to move on to the Quidditch on the Quad championship event Sunday.</p>

<p>UA's Creative Campus and University Recreation are hosting the university's second annual tournament for the game modified from the fictional sport described in J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter" books.</p>

<p>More than 930 University of Alabama students representing 82 teams, including the UA School of Law, the Japan Club, the Academic Honor Council and the Million Dollar Band teams, will compete in the "World Cup" tournament.</p>

<p>The action begins with preliminary rounds Thursday at 6:30 p.m. on the University Recreation fields. Victorious teams will move on to compete for the title on the Quad Sunday from noon until dusk.</p>

<p>Several Harry Potter-themed activities are planned for spectators, including wand-making, "house-sorting" and "potions lessons" from the American Chemical Society. Bama Dining will sell butterbeer, caramel popcorn and candy apples. The Tuscaloosa Public Library and Literacy is the Edge will offer other activities.</p>

<p>All events on Thursday and Sunday are free and open to the public.</p>

<p>Players in the tournament will follow a revised version of the rulebook created by the International Quidditch Association formed in 2005 at Middlebury College. "Ground quidditch" or "muggle quidditch" pits two co-ed teams of broomstick-toting players against each other in a hybrid game that combines rugby, soccer and volleyball. </p>

<p>Players in the "chaser" position will try to score points by shooting a semi-deflated volleyball called the "quaffle" through three hoops protected by a "keeper" at their opponent's end of the field. They will do this as "beaters" from the opposing team try to temporarily knock them out of the game by hitting them with dodge balls called "bludgers."</p>

<p>While these players grind it out on the field, one "seeker" from each team will try to score points by catching the "snitch," a role played by a runner dressed in gold who can freely roam around campus. </p>

<p>Last year, hundreds of spectators watched 47 teams with 490 students compete in the tournament. The UA Law School's Team Sweden took the title, beating out teams represented by students and organizations across campus.</p>

<p>Oh, and they have butterbeer.</p>

<p>Sounds like fun! Hopefully they'll do this next year.</p>

<p>Hi Tommy! I am sure they will do this again next year. My D was a HS senior last year wishing she was at UA for the Quidditch tournament. Now she's at UA and will be a spectator. So excited.</p>

<p>I found the rules for Quidditch from last year. Maybe you can practice. ;D</p>

<p>UA</a> Freshman Year Experience: Quidditch on the Quad: A Recap</p>

<p>my daughter did it last year, but her schedule wouldn't allow it this year! : (</p>

<p>Son will be there tomorrow dressed as Prof. Dumbledore.</p>

<p>MikeWoz: What position did your D play last year? Hopefully she can watch a match or two while drinking her butterbeer. I wonder if it's cold or frozen?</p>

<p>Randomparent: That is so cool! How did he get that job?</p>

<p>i am not sure what position. : ) she probably told me but i am not familiar enough with harry potter to know what the positions are!</p>

<p>Chaser sounds like the most fun! So do Beaters.</p>

<p>Cuttlefish123: Not a job. He just likes Dumbledore, has a costume, and wanted to add to the spirit of the day.</p>

<p>Randomparent: Dumbledore is such a great character. I hope your S had fun playing him today.</p>

<p>i got to see it when i was down their this weekend!! pretty cool if i must say so!!</p>

<p>^ He did! He said about 30 different people asked to have a picture taken with him, but he couldn't think of anything clever to say when he ran into a pair dressed as Snape and Voldemort.</p>

<p>I want to be on a quiddich team...is that weird for a 46 year old woman?</p>

<p>D's team made the sweet sixteen round and barely lost. She said it was a blast!!</p>

<p>D said Quidditch on the Quad was MUCH bigger this year, and well organized and of course FUN. </p>

<p>Vline, I say we start a parent team for next year :)</p>

<p>Love that idea, timeflew....I am competitive, but not very athletic...it would all be for the fun of it!</p>

<p>Count me in!! Can I be a beater? That just sounds like fun.</p>

<p>Sounds like a great time was had by all. </p>

<p>A parent team would be fantastic!</p>

<p>Shamrockdad: Happy that your D's team did well.</p>